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Nioh: How to Forge and Craft Items


Nioh: How to Forge and Craft Items

How to Forge and Craft Items – Nioh

You might notice while playing Nioh that you’ll have found what appear to be crafting materials during missions. Indeed, these can be used to do exactly that! Forging new armor, weapons, and smithing materials is an absolute possibility in Nioh. When you’re at the Blacksmith, you simply head over to The Forge and you’ll be able to craft (or forge) to your heart’s content. You will see a list of crafting materials you need, and whether or not you have them, every single time you go to forge something. Adding better quality materials to your recipe will lead to higher chances of receiving awesome gear in return.

Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Exotic items are all possible, with each tier offering better stats than the last one. You can even upgrade armor and weapons that you have with the Reforge option. Doing this will keep rerolling the stats for the item. Check out our in-depth guide on this upgrading technique over here.

Just be sure to save your materials and use rare quality stuff to get decked out in the best equipment possible.

Now that you know how to forge and craft items, for more help with Nioh, be sure to check our ever-expanding wiki guide.

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