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NieR: Automata – Where to Find the Master Swordsmith


NieR: Automata – Where to Find the Master Swordsmith

Robot Masamune.

NieR: Automata – Unlocking Masamune, the Master Swordsmith

If you’ve been upgrading your weapons diligently in NieR: Automata, you’ll quickly find out that the regular weapon vendors won’t be able to upgrade them past level 3. However, the Resistance Camp seller will tell you that the only person who can do the job for you is a Master Swordsmith named Masamune, whose whereabouts are currently unknown. When you speak with the weapons seller in Pascal’s Village, he’ll give you another hint about the Swordsmith, telling you that he was last seen somewhere in the Forest Zone.

You’ll unlock the Forest Zone as you progress through the game normally. Once you reach the side-scrolling castle dungeon in the Forest Zone, keep moving through it until you encounter the second machine snake. There are two machine snakes, the first of which will be found in the large room with the stairs. The second snake will try to block your way on the top level.

After making it past the second snake, you’ll see that you have to jump across a gap to continue. However, instead of jumping to the higher platform (which is where you’re supposed to go), aim for the platform right beneath that. At the leftmost corner, you’ll hear the faint sounds of metal clanging. There will be a large crate in your way, so press and hold the circle button to grab the crate, and then move the analog stick to drag it out of your way. Hop over the crate and go into the room you just discovered. The Master Swordsmith Masamune will be there, and he’ll upgrade your weapons to its max level in exchange for money and resources. Upgrade enough weapons, and he’ll hand over a weapon of his own as well.

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