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Marvel Heroes 2016 Brings in Beloved X-Men Beast and Jubilee

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Marvel Heroes 2016 Brings in Beloved X-Men Beast and Jubilee

Bring in the Beast.

Following a large-scale update that made upgrades to most aspects of the game, Marvel Heroes 2016 has released its 60th playable character: Hank McCoy, better known as Beast. A founding member of the X-Men, an Avenger, and current Inhuman ally, Beast is a very well-known Marvel character.

His acrobatic nature is a part of his gameplay, as constant movement is required to fill his momentum bar, which in turn allows him to use his abilities. Beast’s default costume is his current comic look. While still blue, his fur is much shorter than some of his other looks in the past. His simple black shorts are also void of any references to the X-teams, as he is currently running around with the Inhumans. Beast does have one alternate costume available: his Astonishing X-Men look in which he looks much more feline.

Often associated with Wolverine, Jubilee arrives in Marvel Heroes 2016 as a Team-Up character. Though she has long since lost her powers and was turned into a vampire, the game opted to reign her in as she originally appeared, a mutant with the ability to summon bright colored plasma blasts resembling fireworks.  Though not directly playable, Team-Up characters can be summoned to help deal damage and cause a number of different effects depending on the player’s play style.

Marvel Heroes Beast Jubilee

Marvel Heroes 2016. formerly just Marvel Heroes, is a free-to-play Action RPG on PC that released back in 2013. Gazillion Entertainment, one of the developing companies, was headed by David Brevik at the time. Having been responsible for the Diablo franchise, he led the very similar Marvel Heroes into being one of the top free-to-play titles. Comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man, Civil War II) also brings his talents, ensuring an immersive tale of good versus evil.


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