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Is Horizon Zero Dawn Coming to Xbox One?


Is Horizon Zero Dawn Coming to Xbox One?

Is Horizon Zero Dawn Coming to Xbox One?

Guerrilla Games’ latest franchise has arrived. The studio has finally stepped away from its grey Killzone shooter series, and into the shoes of a bigger, more vibrant open-world game. Horizon Zero Dawn, released this month on PlayStation 4, is a culmination of the studio’s experiences, and arguably their best creation yet.

The title follows Aloy, a young woman living in a future where mankind has reverted to tribal culture, and machine animals rule the lands. Disturbed by how little she knows of earth’s history and her own origins, Aloy sets of to find answers and become the badass robo-hunter she was always meant to be.

With the game receiving rave reviews so far, including from us, you may be wondering if Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to the Xbox One as well. Unfortunately, we have bad news for those hopes.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a PlayStation exclusive title as of now, but it’s also unlikely to go multiplatform anywhere in the near future. Not only does Guerrilla Games have a history of Sony-exclusive development, the publisher played a big hand in supporting Horizon along its way. If you’re looking to get your hands on it anytime soon, you’ll need a PlayStation 4.

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