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How Each of the Big Three Is Trying to End the Console War


How Each of the Big Three Is Trying to End the Console War

It turns out that maybe war can change after all, or at least end.

The Console War

The console war is an odd thing. If you ask most, this battle of hardware became really serious during the SNES and SEGA Genesis days as both 16-bit consoles pushed to be the best at what they do, even mocking one another in advertisements (“Genesis does what Nintendon’t“). Yet, it doesn’t actually really exist if you ask those in charge of each respective platform, but the gaming community loves to debate about who’s “winning” and what moves can be made by the others. It’s all in good fun usually, but it does seem to have influence over the gaming landscape as each company vies to make their hardware the one you want.

This has changed the way that competition works between the companies. Now, more than ever, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are working to make their respective consoles as unique as possible to give prospective players a reason to consider joining their family. The time when PS4 and Xbox were just separated by a few exclusives are fading, and with digital media becoming a bigger deal each and every year, they’re both approaching technology in a different way.

With that being said, we’re going to take a look at each platform, and how they’re pushing to control their own part of gaming to offer something unique that compliments, rather than simply eliminates the competition. In their own ways, they’re working to end the console war, and it’s an interesting endeavor to witness.

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