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Horizon Zero Dawn: Who Rost Is


Horizon Zero Dawn: Who Rost Is

Rost – Horizon Zero Dawn

During Aloy’s quest in Horizon Zero Dawn, she’ll meet a number of friendly and not so friendly faces. One such character is Rost, and he plays a pretty big part in Aloy’s life. It’s worth noting that the story of Rost is pretty spoiler-heavy regarding Aloy’s early years and background in Horizon Zero Dawn, so if you want to stay spoiler-free, turn back now.



***Story Spoilers Below***

At the very beginning of Horizon Zero Dawn, you’ll get a few quick glimpses of Aloy when she was younger. You learn that she never knew who her mother was, and as such, was considered an outcast of the matriarchal Nora tribe. That’s where Rost comes in.

Rost is also an outcast and was eventually chosen by one of the High Matriarchs to raise Aloy – something that the other High Matriarchs strongly disagreed with.

The rest of the opening section of the game shows Rost raising Aloy, teaching her to hunt, and essentially being a parental figure and role model for Aloy to look up to.

As for what happens to Aloy’s mentor in Horizon Zero Dawn, we won’t spoil that for you. But be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide for tips, tricks, and more information on the game.

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