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Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Ride Machines


Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Ride Machines

How to Ride Machines – Horizon Zero Dawn

In previous Horizon Zero Dawn trailers and gameplay footage, Aloy could be seen riding on the back of one of the machines. Not only does this allow her to deal significantly more melee damage than she can with her spear, but it also means you’ll have more chance escaping a pursuing enemy.

To ride machines in Horizon Zero Dawn, you’ll first need to successfully override them. You won’t be able to just override any of these robotic animals from the very start of the game, though. Aloy must acquire this ability by exploring Cauldrons and overriding the cores at their centers. Only once this is done will she unlock the ability to override and ride machines that have come from particular Cauldron.

Once you’ve unlocked the ability, you then need to find your target. Make sure to use your environment to stay hidden and creep up behind them undetected. When the button prompt appears, press and hold Triangle until the bar has filled up. Once this has been completed, simply press Triangle when stood next to one to make Aloy ride it. It’s worth noting, however, that Aloy cannot ride all of the machines in Horizon Zero Dawn. You can still override them, but these will help her out in battle instead.

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