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Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Attack While On a Machine


Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Attack While On a Machine

How to Attack While on a Machine – Horizon Zero Dawn

Overriding machines in Horizon Zero Dawn can be pretty helpful. Whether you override a combat machine to help you out in battle, or a transport machine to help you get from A to B faster, there’s something magical about taking control of machines and using them to your advantage.

While combat machines can only be used to help you fight, transport machines can also attack while you’re riding them. All you need to do is press either R1 or R2 to perform melee attacks while on a machine. R1 will perform a light attack and R2 is for a heavy attack, just as they are when Aloy uses her spear normally.

Pressing either of these buttons will see the machine attack and deal damage to anything in the nearby vicinity. It’s worth noting that machines won’t hesitate to attack you while you’re on a machine, though, so if you’re not careful you’ll be on the floor within seconds. Always remember to stay vigilant and keep moving when you attack while on a machine.

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