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Halo Wars 2: How to Get All Achievements


Halo Wars 2: How to Get All Achievements

Achievements – Halo Wars 2

Microsoft’s newest entry in their premiere franchise is finally here with the RTS title Halo Wars 2. The game features a sizable 12-mission campaign on top of a selection of multiplayer modes. To go along with this, there’s a diverse list of achievements is are going to require you to play every aspect of Halo Wars 2. It may take you a while, but we’ll help walk you through all of the achievements for the title.

  • Wake Up (10 G) – Complete the first campaign mission.
  • A History of Decimation (10 G) – Complete the second campaign mission.
  • Dominated (10 G) – Complete the third campaign mission.
  • Guerilla Tactics (10 G) – Complete the fourth campaign mission.
  • Stirring the Pot (10 G) – Complete the fifth campaign mission.
  • All Travel Is Suspended (10 G) – Complete the sixth campaign mission.
  • Behind Enemy Lines (10 G) – Complete the seventh campaign mission.
  • The Setup… (10 G) – Complete the eighth campaign mission.
  • And the Knockout Punch (10 G) – Complete the ninth campaign mission.
  • Fifth Floor: Tools, Guns, Super Weapons (10 G) – Complete the tenth campaign mission.
  • Sentinel Size Matters (10 G) – Complete the eleventh campaign mission.
  • Last Stop, This Town (10 G) – Complete the twelfth campaign mission.
  • Learn the Ropes (10 G) – Complete the Basic standalone tutorial. You can access this while the game is installing, or from the main menu.
  • Know the Ropes (10 G) – Complete the Advance standalone tutorial. Accessible the same way as the Basic tutorial.
  • Two Heads Are Better Than (10 G) – Complete a campaign mission in co-op. You can load up co-op from the campaign menu.
  • This War is Over (30 G) – Complete the Campaign on Easy or Normal.
  • The Hard Fight (40 G) – Complete the campaign on Heroic.
  • Surviving the Long War (60 G) – Complete the campaign on Heroic. Keep in mind that for this one, you don’t have to complete the optional objectives in missions, just complete them on Legendary.
  • Gold Rush (20 G) – Earn a gold medal on any mission (except the Prologue) on any difficulty. As long as you’re completing everything in a mission you should just get this automatically, or you can set it down to Easy.
  • Palmer’s Pure Gold (30 G) – Earn a gold medal on every mission (except Prologue) on any difficulty. This is easily done if you tone the difficulty down and complete everything in each mission. You’ll be able to breeze through.
  • Lone Wolf (40 G) – Complete any mission (except the Signal) solo on Legendary with all skulls activated. To do this, you’ll first have to unlock all skulls in the campaign, and then turn them all on for a mission. It’s easiest to do this on one of the first couple missions.

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