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For Honor: How to Find Observables and What They Are


For Honor: How to Find Observables and What They Are

Observables – For Honor

Despite being a multiplayer-focused title, For Honor actually features a lengthy story mode that chronicles the events leading up to the faction war the multiplayer mode takes place in. There are three chapters; one for Knights, one for Vikings, and one for Samurai. Each chapter is split up into six different missions that take you through various locations in the world.

In addition to fighting enemies and seeing the story play out, there are a number of collectibles to pick up in the story as well. One of the collectible types are called “Observables,” and are small points marked in each level that you can interact with. These are locations or items that your character sees in the world, and by interacting with it you get a few lines of dialogue giving more context on either the world or story. Usually they’re fairly noticeable things in the world, like great statues and buildings, or important lore items. There’s also an achievement/trophy for getting all of them throughout the story.

To find collectibles, you’ll want to keep an eye out for floating white eye symbols. These can be a little hard to see at a distance, but they’ll be floating directly over or in front of items that are Observables. If you see an icon, simply train your view over it, and hit the L1 button to interact, and that’s all there is to it. There are a number of Observables in each mission, usually around 8-10, so make sure to diligently explore and find everything.

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