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Fire Emblem Heroes: All Castle Upgrades and What They Do


Fire Emblem Heroes: All Castle Upgrades and What They Do

Castle Upgrades – Fire Emblem Heroes

While playing Fire Emblem Heroes, you will have the ability to upgrade your castle. This adds a permanent experience boost to all of your heroes, which can really come in handy while grinding through the game’s missions.

There are five upgrades in total, with an increasing Orb cost the higher you go:

  • Torchlit Castle (20% boost) – 1 Orb
  • Columned Castle (40% boost) – 2 Orbs
  • Carpeted Castle (60% boost) – 5 Orbs
  • Ornate Castle (80% boost) – 8 Orbs
  • Royal Castle (100% boost) – 10 Orbs

With 26 Orbs, you’ll be able to double all of the experience your party earns in Fire Emblem Heroes, not too shabby. You can get the Castle Upgrades right away, too, as long as you have enough Orbs. There’s nothing barring you from access to higher tiers, so you can give yourself an early advantage. To purchase them, simply head to the Upgrade Castle option in the Shop tab, or click the green castle icon at the top of the screen.

Do note, that you may not want to waste your Orbs on Castle Upgrades until you have a somewhat decent team. You may want to invest your money on that front first, then focus on getting them stronger.

For more on Fire Emblem Heroes, whether that be guides, tips, tricks, or information, feel free to check out our constantly expanding wiki.

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