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ARK Ovis Location (Where to Find Sheep)


ARK Ovis Location (Where to Find Sheep)

Ovis Location – Where to Find Sheep in ARK: Survival Evolved

Sheep-like creatures have finally made their woolly way to ARK: Survival Evolved with the addition of the Ovis species. They can be easily identified by their wool coats and horns, but mostly by the fact that they’re virtually just sheep. So where can you find yourself one of these in ARK? We’ll walk you through the most common Ovis location, as well as the uses for this new animal.

Before you go out searching for this creature, be prepared to either kill or tame it. You’ll need one Sweet Vegetable Cake for taming, craftable from Sap, Rockarrot, Longrass, Savoroot, Stimulant, Fiber, and Water. Feed the Ovis one of these, and it’ll be all yours, and a decent source of Wool if you have Scissors.

These balls of wool are pretty easy to kill, if that’s your goal. They have very low health and little stamina for running, not to mention one spear hit should down them. Upon death, these animals can drop Pelt, Hide, or Raw Mutton, which is a highly efficient taming meat.

Your best bet for finding an Ovis is to head to Winter’s Mouth, the snowy mountainous area in the north of The Island. While the species is fairly uncommon, you should eventually find one here, if you stay alive. Winter’s Mouth is filled with dangerous predators, including wolves and Sabertooths.

The second best Ovis location is open grasslands. You may find sheep here, though their appearance will be rare.

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