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8 Anime Like Dragon Ball Z if You’re Looking For Something Similar


8 Anime Like Dragon Ball Z if You’re Looking For Something Similar

They may not all have dragons, but they’re just as exciting.

Dragon Ball is a tough series to stand up to, but here are some great anime that you can certainly enjoy if you liked Goku’s adventures. These are the best of the best, right here. These are the anime like Dragon Ball Z if you’re looking for something similar. We tried our best to get that shonen jump feel in here.

Anime Like Dragon Ball Z


Dragon Ball is easily one of the most popular anime ever created. It helped the genre achieve popularity here in the west, and Goku proved to be an iconic hero for kids all over the world to admire. Now that Dragon Ball Super is running in Japanese and English, all of the love for the Dragon Ball series is rushing back. Now that everyone is back into Dragon Ball, if you’re caught up on Super you may be looking for something else to watch in between episodes. Thankfully there are some anime series that feel very similar to this beloved franchise that you can check out.

The first that makes the cut is none other than Naruto, which recently concluded, though there are more spin-offs on the way. Naruto follows Naruto Uzamaki on a quest to earn the respect of his shinobi village and become Hokage (village leader) even though he’s an outcast. Goku may not have been as shunned like Naruto, though they do have similar values and fighting styles.

Both are humorous characters, but they’re bound by honor and will do whatever it takes to save their friends and village. Fights are full of huge attacks and abilities, some of which resemble those you may recognize from Dragon Ball. If you don’t think the giant Rasengan resembles a Spirit Bomb, you need to go back and watch some episodes. Also, the hero wears blue and orange, so it’s like you’re not even watching a new series.

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