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Super Mario Odyssey Revealed for Nintendo Switch, Features Sentient Hat

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Super Mario Odyssey Revealed for Nintendo Switch, Features Sentient Hat

A brand new Mario adventure.

Super Mario Odyssey has been officially announced for the Nintendo Switch.

The game’s theme, according to producer Yoshiaki Koizumi, is a journey to an unknown world. Similar to Super Mario 64, the game features a large sandbox world for Mario to freely explore. The main hub appears to be a modern cityscape. Mario is seen running down paved streets, jumping between skyscrapers, and standing on top of street lamps. This central hub will likely lead Mario to the many other levels shown in the game’s inaugural trailer.

Each world looks incredibly distinct. A strange, angular world was shown, in addition to a ghostly forest, a sand world with massive pyramids and the lively town glimpsed in the Switch’s reveal trailer. Mario also has a new move in his arsenal. He can now throw his iconic red hat in front of him. This technique can be used to attack enemies and create an additional platform for Mario to jump on. It was also revealed in the trailer’s last moments that his hat now sports a pair of cartoonish eyes. It appears that Mario’s newest companion will dwell within his cap, similar to Luma from Super Mario Galaxy.

No release date or window was announced for Super Mario Odyssey.


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