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Subnautica: How to Get to the Aurora and What to Find There


Subnautica: How to Get to the Aurora and What to Find There

When you land on the aquatic planet that serves as the setting of Subnautica, you clamber out of your life pod to see the ship you were on slowly sinking in the distance. This is the Aurora. The ship is leaking radiation onto Planet 4546B and is incredibly difficult to approach, let alone board. But once the ship explodes it is safe to journey to the still burning craft.

The mass amounts of radiation covering the planet means that the only way to approach the ship is to craft a Radiation Suit. It can be created in the Fabricator by combining two Lead with two Fiber Mesh. It is also possible to find Radiation Suits in some of the destroyed life pods scattered across the planet.

You’ll also need a defensive weapon such as a Stasis Rifle or a Repulsion Cannon, a Repair Tool, a Propulsion Cannon, a Fire Extinguisher, and a Laser Cutter. The ship is filled with enemies and blockages, so these tools will be invaluable when exploring the wreck. Once you are fully equipped you can set out for the Aurora.

There are two possible entrances. The first is located on the shore, close to the destroyed front section of the ship. The second is a ramp entering the destroyed front section. Inside there are several sections that comprise the hulking Aurora. These include the Administration Office, Cargo Bay 3, Seamoth Bay, the Locker Room, the PRAWN Suit Bay, the Laboratory, Living Quarters, and the Drive Room.

The PRAWN Suit Bay holds one of the most important discoveries in the ship: the pieces of the PRAWN Suit itself. It is a technologically advanced suit that is much stronger and better suited to navigating deep waters. The Drive Room is also incredibly important to investigate. If you repair the four large generators found there, the radiation will cease after three in-game days. You can also find an upgrade for the Cyclops, a powerful personal submarine.

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