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Star Wars Episode VIII Officially Named “The Last Jedi”


Star Wars Episode VIII Officially Named “The Last Jedi”

A long time ago.

After the massive success of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story it seems that Disney is determined to keep our intergalactic hype going. Earlier today, the official Star Wars Twitter account announced that the latest chapter in the Star Wars Skywalker Saga will be named The Last Jedi. While there were no story, character, or even image released with this message we do know that this film is planning to drop sometime in December.

However, the name is rather interesting given that Luke is still alive during the time period that this movie takes place. Since Rey has clearly sought him out for training, this could mean that Luke dies sometime in the movie making Rey the last known Jedi. While there’s little doubt we will get more backstory on our heroine and her mysterious origins, it will be interesting to see how this film’s story unfolds. It should be noted that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is not directed by J.J. Abrams, but is instead helmed by Looper director Rian Johnson.

Given the last film ran more on nostalgia than anything else, this could mark the first step into a more original story and direction for the series. Given the Skywalker Saga is set for 9 movies, there is still room for this franchise to grow even if it’s coming to an end in a few more years. However, for now, we are going to continue to ride our X-Wings made of hype as we await the eventual teaser for this movie.

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