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Is Shenmue III Coming to PC?


Is Shenmue III Coming to PC?

Is it Coming to PC? – Shenmue III

Back at Sony’s E3 2015 conference, it was revealed that the beloved Shenmue series would receive a new entry in its series if a Kickstarter goal could be reached. As you may have guessed, the Kickstarter received overwhelming support. Over 69,000 backers pledged over $6 million to turn Shenmue III into a reality, smashing the $2 million goal.

Shenmue III is the true sequel to the open world action RPG series. Running on Unreal Engine 4, developer Ys Net hopes to deliver a Shenmue experience that’s easy for newcomers to enjoy, while also rewarding diehard fans with its deep story. With such an exciting trip down memory lane planned for the near future, Shenmue fans may be wondering if the game is coming to PC as well as PS4.

Despite the game being unveiled on Sony’s stage at E3, it was also confirmed at the same time that the game would be releasing on PC. If you’re desperate to get your hands on Shenmue III as soon as possible, you may want to check out the game’s site. $29 can guarantee you a digital copy of the game on either PS4 or PC.

Currently, Shenmue III is slated for a December release on PC and PS4. We’ll keep you updated as and when a set release date is confirmed.

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