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Resident Evil 7: How to Fix Broken Handgun / Shotgun


Resident Evil 7: How to Fix Broken Handgun / Shotgun

How to Fix a Broken Handgun / Shotgun – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

While exploring the Baker estate in Resident Evil 7, you’ll come across two broken weapons: the Broken Handgun found in the trailer and the Broken Shotgun found in Grandma’s Room and swapped for the working M37 Shotgun. It turns out that these weapons don’t have to stay broken. They can actually be repaired, providing you with a stronger version of each.

To fix a broken handgun or shotgun, you need a Repair Kit, which is a one-time use item that turns a broken gun into one that is capable of blowing the face off of any Molded. So far, in multiple playthroughs, I’ve only managed to find one, and it’s completely missable. Here’s how to get it:

  1. Get the Cage Treasure Photo from the Greenhouse steps. You’ll reach this area after exploring the old house, and it’s the location of an interesting boss fight. Just check the railing near the bottom of the stairs outside of the building.
  2. Now continue Resident Evil 7’s story to collect the red and blue keycards and enter the Testing Area (where Lucas awaits you). You’ll find the treasure location in the upper right hand corner of the second floor of this building. The treasure is the Repair Kit.

Once you have the Repair Kit, you can use it on one of the broken weapons. Use it on the Broken Handgun and you get the M19 Handgun. Use it on the Broken Shotgun and you get the M21 Shotgun. Both pack more of a punch then there regular counterparts which you collected earlier, making ammo conservation much easier.

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