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Resident Evil 7: How to Clear Mia’s VHS Tape Segment (Projector Puzzle)


Resident Evil 7: How to Clear Mia’s VHS Tape Segment (Projector Puzzle)

A wild Marguerite appears.

Resident Evil 7 – Mia’s VHS Tape

Early on in the game, once you unlock the main part of the Baker residence, you’ll find a VHS tape in the recreation room. Putting the tape into the player will allow you to take control of Mia for a short while as she escapes from Marguerite Baker.

Once you’re able to move Mia and are playing the VHS Tape, head across the creepy bridge and open the doors in front of you. Follow the linear path until you come to a hallway with a large crate on the ground. Move forward a little, and you’ll see Marguerite coming through the door at the end of the hallway on your left. Retrace your steps a little, and duck behind the large crate. Wait for Marguerite to go through the door on the right before making your way through the door she initially appeared from.

In here, ignore the projector in the middle of the room and head straight for the balcony. Turn right and go into the corner to hide. Marguerite will come out to the balcony, but she’ll only check the left corner. Wait for her to leave the room before going to the projector you initially ignored. Here, you’ll have to solve a simple puzzle where you need to rotate an object to make its shadow fit the one you see on the painting. You’re looking for the shape of a spindly spider here. Once you have the shape down, a secret passageway will open up, allowing you to cross the hallway by using the woodwork.

Once you get out of the narrow passageway, move forward a little, and Marguerite will appear again. Duck behind the objects in the middle of the room and wait for her to pass. Once she’s walked past you, move towards the area she just came from, and drop into the hole in the ground. Follow the small pathway all the way to the end, and Marguerite will block your exit. Near the blocked exit, examine the strange object on the ground, as well as the photograph lying in one of the boxes. After that, a cutscene will trigger, signaling the end of the tape segment.

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