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Pokemon Duel: How to Get Gems (for Free and by Shopping)


Pokemon Duel: How to Get Gems (for Free and by Shopping)

How to Get Gems – Pokemon Duel

Gems in Pokemon Duel, as with gems in most free to play games, are a form of currency used to speed up your playing process. While you can open boosters, get new figures, and level up without them, it will take you a significant amount of patience. Gems will allow you to speed up Time Boosters, and purchase the materials needed for more and better figures. That in mind, here’s how to get gems in Pokemon Duel.

The easiest way to get Gems is, unsurprisingly, to buy them from the in-game shop. You can purchase a pack containing anywhere from 12 to 1960 of these (for $0.99 to $79.99), with special bonuses available on occasion. There is a limit to these purchases, however. Each month you have 50,000 points, and a gem purchase will expend these. Once you’re out of points, you cannot buy anymore of this currency from the shop.

Another gem accrual method is Pokemon Duel’s login bonuses. Log into the app each day, and you’ll be rewarded. Simply pick up your prize from your in-game mailbox (found in the six-dot menu in the lower right of your main screen.)

Gems are also available as rewards for Daily Missions, so be sure to check, complete, and collect those as you can.

Lastly, make sure you complete the game’s training and quests for additional Gems. These can show up in your mailbox after certain checkpoints (especially at the very start of your game) and at the end of missions or battles.

That’s all you need to know about this Pokemon currency. Good luck taking on the PFG!


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