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Pokemon Duel: How to Get Coins


Pokemon Duel: How to Get Coins

How to Get Coins – Pokemon Duel

Coins are vital to your progression in Pokemon Duel. While you can’t use them to buy more figures, they’re needed to level up and fuse your existing Pokemon figures. They can also be spent to perform Deck Checks and measure your deck’s strength against an opponent’s before battle. To put it simply, if you want to get stronger, you’ll need more cash, so here’s how to get coins.

The easiest way to get coins, and your main resort, is by playing through the story’s quests. From the main menu, click on the six dots in the lower right corner, and select the Quests option. This will allow you to compete through the main story’s competition, and each win will net you coins. You can also get this currency from the end-match bonus reward spin.

You can also get these golden rewards by selling Pokemon figures and ingots, the latter of which you can get in Boosters won in League matches. These are your less favorable options, as figures are valuable and ingots are used to power up your Pokemon.

For optimal earnings, make sure you are checking and completing your daily missions, which also reward coins. These can be found in that six-dot menu as well.

Now that you know how to get coins, you’re all set to start earning and take on the PFG challenge. Maybe you’ll win yourself a nice building in the process.


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