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Nintendo Switch Gets an Official Release Date and Price

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Nintendo Switch Gets an Official Release Date and Price

It’s finally coming.

Tonight marked Nintendo’s big unveiling of their new system the Nintendo Switch, and they started the presentation out by immediately announcing the release date and suggested retail price of the new system. The Switch will launch on March 3, 2017 for $299 in multiple territories around the world including Japan, United States, Canada, Hong Kong, and major European countries.

Nintendo also announced that all players will be able to try online functions for free, but the Switch is going to have some kind of paid service as well. Additionally, the system will not be region locked. We also found out a bit more about the control modes of the Switch. You can display the system on the TV via the dock, or play the handheld tablet. Up to eight tablets can be linked at one time for co-operative play.

The Switch will also have some kind of video capture featured, that can be used in conjunction with the Joycon controllers.

We’ll make sure to update this article with more information as it becomes available.

Are you planning on picking up a Nintendo Switch on day one? Let us know down in the comments below.


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