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Is Gravity Rush 2 PS4 Pro Compatible?


Is Gravity Rush 2 PS4 Pro Compatible?

PS4 Pro – Gravity Rush 2 Game

Back in November last year, Sony released the PS4 Pro. Capable of displaying games and streaming media in 4K resolutions, enhancing PSVR experiences, and generally making for a slicker gaming experience, the system has a lot of potential.

Unfortunately, support for Sony’s latest system isn’t universal. This means that developers can not only choose whether to make use of the Pro’s extra power or not, but how they make use of it, too. This can range from 4K resolutions, improved graphics at 1080P, and faster load times. With Gravity Rush 2 due releasing next week, PS4 Pro owners will be wondering if the system will make use of its power.

The good news is, Gravity Rush 2 will make use of your PS4 Pro. Gravity Rush 2 over on the official PlayStation website includes a small section titled ‘Enhanced for PS4 Pro’. Unfortunately, exactly how the game has been enhanced to run on the Pro remains to be seen. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as and when more details regarding Gravity Rush 2 and its Pro enhancements are revealed.

Whether it’s enhanced graphics, or a smoother experience as we fly through the air, the game is sure to look its very best on Sony’s supercharged system.

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