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Counter Strike: Global Offensive – How to Aim and Spray


Counter Strike: Global Offensive – How to Aim and Spray

Spray and pray. Now with insane amounts of recoil!

Just about every shooter on the market has a specific designated system when it comes to aiming your weapon and holding down the trigger. However, Counter Strike: Global Offensive has one of the most unique structures when it comes to aiming and spraying to the point where the learning curve can seem rather high. We’re here to help pinpoint your reticle and stabilize your spray pattern in order to have you top fragging in no time.

Unlike most FPS games, Counter Strike: Global Offensive does not allow players the ability to aim down their iron sights or scopes. To compensate for this, each gun is given its own spray pattern and recoil, forcing players to spend the time learning each and every one. This also makes putting your crosshair in the right place more important than ever. What it boils down to is that CS:GO is a game of headshots, as most guns will instantly kill an enemy with one, and because of this, you’ll almost always want to try and aim the crosshair toward where you believe the opponent’s head may be at. This means that while holding corners and peeking enemies, it’s important to stay conscious of where you are aiming at all times and to always avoid aiming toward the ground or into a wall while holding the edge of a corner.

Aiming for the head isn’t only important for headshots either. When you spray down an enemy in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, you’ll want to pull down your weapon slowly as you fire. Because of the nature of recoil in the game, firing most guns will immediately send it upward and continue to make it completely unstable, firing randomly in just about every direction. By pulling down, you counter the recoil and allow the gun to fire in a similar pattern and also down the enemy’s body. Most firefights that involve spraying will generally end in a kill by body shots and not by headshots. As we’ve stated before, it is important to practice each gun as they will also spray in a different pattern. For example, the AK-47 will fire up and to the right when held, so it will be important to pull down slowly and then slightly to the left.

Learning how to aim and fire each weapon properly is one of the single most important facets of become a great Counter Strike: Global Offensive player. In fact, there are many community-created maps completely dedicated to teaching players how to spray individual weapons. With a little bit of patience and a whole lot of practice, you’ll be racking up the kills in no time!

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