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The Last Guardian Walkthrough: Second Ruined Building Area Puzzle


The Last Guardian Walkthrough: Second Ruined Building Area Puzzle

Lots of climbing here.

Ruined Building Area – The Last Guardian

After freeing Trico from its shackles and leaving the first building, the beast and boy will cross a narrow ledge to find yet another ruined building. Once you’ve made it across the narrow ledge safely, hit the R1 button to call Trico over, then point the light disc over at the wooden boards covering the entrance to have Trico blow it away. A pillar will fall, allowing you to reach the lower level of the building. Cross over with Trico and you’ll be inside.

There isn’t anything to do in the first large room, so just move on through the smaller doorways. Once you’ve done that, you’ll notice that Trico is too big to follow you through the doorway, and will only be able to stick its head through there. Go up the stairs on the right, and take another right to find the archway that was previously blocked by the wooden boards. Stand at the edge and call Trico over. The beast will dislodge itself from the tiny doorway and leap to the ledge you’re standing on. Head back the way you came, but before going down the stairs, shine the light disc on the wooden crate on the floor at the end of the hallway. This will reveal a scented pot which you can then feed to Trico.

Head down the stairs, and go to the tiny doorway where Trico tried to shove itself through previously. You should see a balcony directly above the doorway. Call Trico over, climb on top of his head, and jump to the balcony from there. On the left-hand side of the room, you’ll see another narrow ledge you can jump to. Do that, and then look up to find more ledges you can hang on. Shimmy across the ledge until you find a large metal chain. Jump on the chain, and then climb all the way up to the top. You’ll find a new doorway here for you to go through. Don’t worry about Trico – call it, and it will leap up to your location. There’s a metal gate blocking your progress at the end of the path here, but look for a small hole on the right side that the boy can crawl through. Once you make your way through the hole and end up on the other side of the gate, Trico will leap over the gate and come to you.

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