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The Last Guardian: How to Cross the Broken Bridge Walkthrough


The Last Guardian: How to Cross the Broken Bridge Walkthrough

How to Cross the Broken Bridge – The Last Guardian

As you travel through The Last Guardian’s opening ruins, learning to work with Trico to maneuver through environments, you’ll eventually come across a broken bridge and a special milestone for these two characters. Here, you’ll learn how to command Trico through obstacles.

Your first instinct will likely be to stand on Trico and hope it hops over the bridge, as your companion had jumped great distances with you earlier in The Last Guardian. Trico will do no such thing automatically, though, and you’ll have to find another route. Trico will also direct you towards a pillar by the bridge. You can climb on Trico, get on this pillar, then call it up to the pillar, but this does little to help.

If you’re facing the bridge, to your left you’ll see a red gate. If you’re like me, you will spend a disturbing amount of time thinking you cannot get through this gate. But, as it happens, the boy is just small enough to walk right through the bars. Doing so will bring you to a new area with a few boxes and a pillar.

The game will now tell you that you can command Trico by pressing R1 while moving the left analog stick. Now, ignore the boxes, they are but mere distractions. You think you are supposed to direct Trico to do something with them, but much like that time you thought you couldn’t walk through that gate, you’re wrong.

Instead, direct Trico to the pillar. It will jump onto it without you needing to be there, and this symbolizes a blossoming bond for you two. Trico can now do alone the acts it learned from doing alongside you.

Climb up Trico’s tail and body, and jump onto the nearby ledge. Follow this path until you reach a staircase, and continue until you reach a lever. Pulling this will open that deceptive red gate, and allow both you and Trico to return to the bridge. Climb onto Trico’s back and use R1 to direct it towards the other side of the bridge. Trico will now jump over, bringing you along for the ride.

Now that you’ve crossed the broken bridge, you can continue along your way. For more guides, tips, and everything The Last Guardian, stay tuned to Twinfinite.

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