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Super Mario Run: What Rainbow Bridges Do


Super Mario Run: What Rainbow Bridges Do

What Rainbow Bridges Do – Super Mario Run

When you’re expanding the Mushroom Kingdom, it’s very easy to reach your limits given the sheer number of different building items available to players. However, Rainbow Bridges are a way to expand your territory in Super Mario Run, though they will take some time and cost a fair amount of Toads.

Located in the “Special” section of the Kingdom Build menu, Rainbow Bridges can be purchased for 20 Toads of each color. However, you will need to progress rather far in Super Mario Run to obtain this item, as the colored Toads are only unlocked after players beat specific worlds. Once you’ve earned enough via the Toad Rally system, players can then expand their territory so more Toad Houses, decorations, and unlockable character houses can be placed. This allows players to not limit themselves in choosing which houses and characters they want to station in their world.

We recommend expanding as early as possible since it’s easy to lose a lot of your Toads in the multiplayer game mode. Thankfully, the general cost of the Rainbow Bridge isn’t that high, so it shouldn’t take long to upgrade your kingdom and branch out into other territories. After all, where are you going to house all the people of the Mushroom Kingdom while you’re out fighting Bowser?

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