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Super Mario Run: How to Get All Characters


Super Mario Run: How to Get All Characters

Unlockable Characters – Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run has already released and players are scrambling to gather as many coins and Toads as possible. This is because many of them can be used to unlock playable characters such as Luigi or Toadette, who are hidden away at the start of the game. There are currently 5 unlockable playable characters that we know of, with each one having different requirements. Here are all the playable characters in Super Mario Run and how to get them.

Toad: If you want to play as Toad, you will need to link your My Nintendo account to Super Mario Run. Once you do that, Toad will appear in the gift box at your Kingdom and can be used in Toad Rally.

Princess Peach: This hidden character is actually only available if you purchase the full game, as it requires you to have rescued her from Bowser at the end of World 6.

Luigi: The last three heroes can actually all be purchased via acquiring enough toads of a specific color. Once a player has obtained 150 green and purple Toads they can build his home via the “Special” section of the shop. After the house is created, then Luigi will be yours to use and play with.

Yoshi: To unlock this awesome dinosaur, players will need to first obtain 30 red and yellow Toads. After this, simply build his home in your kingdom and he’ll be all yours to use.

Toadette:  Finally, to unlock Toadette you’ll need to actually obtain 200 Red Toads, 200 Blue Toads, and 200 Green Toads to build her house, making her the rarest character in Super Mario Run.

It will take some time to unlock these characters, but it’s nice to see that Super Mario Run is including more of this iconic cast. Make sure to check back with us at Twinfinite for more guides and news regarding Super Mario Run.

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