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Super Mario Run: How to Get Different Colored Toads


Super Mario Run: How to Get Different Colored Toads

How to Get Different Colored Toads – Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run has a few different colored Toads that you’ll need in order to construct particular buildings and decorations in your kingdom. The only way to get Toads is from the section of the game called Toad Rally. However, you won’t be seeing all the different colored ones right off of the bat.

At first, you’ll only see red Toads in Toad Rally, but you’ll begin to see more as you play through more sections of the World Tour. Of course this also means that you’re going to need to pay the $9.99 fee to unlock anything past the first three levels of World 1. Just play through each world and you’ll start to see more colored Toads appear.

When you look at the challengers on Toad Rally, you’ll see icons of what colored Toads can be obtained from that match. You’ll then need to win these matches to keep your new friends. Keep in mind that if you lose the match, you may also lose some of your own Toads.

Bonus fact: a certain number of colored Toads are needed to unlock Yoshi, Luigi, and Toadette as playable characters in the game.

Now that you know how to get different colored Toads, be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more guides and tips on Super Mario Run.

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