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The Last Guardian: How to Climb and Ride Trico


The Last Guardian: How to Climb and Ride Trico

Like a horse!

Climbing and Riding – The Last Guardian

During certain points in the game, the boy will encounter ledges or platforms that are just too high for him to reach alone. In these situations, you’ll want to make use of Trico.

Before calling upon Trico, be sure to check your surroundings to make sure there’s no alternate path upwards – a hanging chain, a well-hidden lower ledge, etc. To get Trico’s help, stand near the ledge you want to climb up to, and tap the R1 button to call it over. Once Trico comes to you, press the triangle button to hop onto its body and use the analog stick to climb onto its back.

Once you’ve gotten on its back, you can climb up on Trico’s head to get yourself as close to the ledge as possible before jumping. As Trico has a mind of its own, it won’t necessarily move closer to the ledge you want to get to once you’ve climbed on, so you’ll want to make sure you use the R1 button to call it over as close as possible before actually climbing on its body. Once you’ve clambered onto Trico’s head, position yourself and face the ledge you want to jump to, and then hit the triangle button while tilting the analog stick forward to jump off.

There are some instances in the game where you’ll be able to ride on Trico’s back and move around the world as well. In between major puzzle segments, Trico can follow the player’s lead as you move down a linear path, or you can hop onto its back and let Trico do some of the legwork.

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