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Final Fantasy XV: Where to Get Ramuh


Final Fantasy XV: Where to Get Ramuh

Super awesome lightning powers.

Ramuh – Final Fantasy XV

Ramuh is one of the Astrals you can summon to your aid in Final Fantasy XV. Before you can start borrowing his awesome lightning powers, however, you’ll have to complete a main story quest to receive his blessing. This quest, titled ‘Dark Clouds,’ will be automatically unlocked in chapter five as you progress through the story.

In this quest, Gentiana will instruct you to interact with three separate stones in the Duscae region. While the first two stones are relatively easy to get to, the third one is hidden away in a dungeon called Fociaugh Hollow. This mission has a recommended level of 22, and the dungeon’s enemies are no pushovers, so try to reach the recommended level before heading straight in. The dungeon is relatively straightforward, and most of the early mobs shouldn’t give you much trouble. However, you’ll start encountering Flans and Mindflayers towards the end, so prepare your daggers and magic spells.

Before you can access the third stone, you’ll encounter a Naga. If you say you know where her baby is, she’ll think you took it and start to attack you. She’s a level 30 enemy, but you can exploit her weakness to frost magic if you have Blizzard spells on hand. After defeating Naga, continue down the path till you find the third stone, and interact with it. Noctis will receive Ramuh’s blessing, and you’ll now have a chance to summon him in battle.

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