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Dawn of Titans: How to Join and Leave Alliances


Dawn of Titans: How to Join and Leave Alliances

Enemy of my enemy.

Alliances – Dawn of Titans

Eventually during your time with Dawn of Titans you will want to join forces with others in order to conquer more lands and wreak havoc on the general populace. This is known as “Alliances” in this series and act as the main way to play with others that aren’t just the A.I. However, you are going to need to play a fair amount of the game before the online component unlocks for Dawn of Titans.

In order to even have the option of joining an Alliance players will need to accumulate 1,000 Victory Points (V.P.) before this feature is unlocked. You will start gathering this experience once you’ve upgraded your castle to level 3 and performed the raiding/capturing tutorial. After this, simply go about Dawn of Titans as you normally would, raiding and winning battles for your army. This will net you more points and eventually unlock the Alliance feature for your game.

After it’s unlocked click the tiny shield icon in the top left by your profile and it will take you to the Alliances menu area. From here you can browse, form, and search for different Alliances along with view the leaderboards to see who’s the best of the best. Typically you won’t be able to join an Alliance right away, so make sure to message the group and ask if their not open.

If you want to leave your current Alliance you will go through the same menu screen only this time choose to leave instead of sending a request to join. It may take some time, but Alliances are perhaps the best way to play Dawn of Titans. This is mainly because you will acquire troop reinforcements based on how many members are part of your new group. This can save you some headaches in battle and will let you use your resources elsewhere.

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