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World of Warcraft Legion: How to Unlock Shortcuts Inside Return to Karazhan


World of Warcraft Legion: How to Unlock Shortcuts Inside Return to Karazhan

Slay the steward.

With the launch of patch 7.1, World of Warcraft: Legion saw the return of a fan favorite raid in the form of a 5-man mythic dungeon, Return to Karazhan. Return to Karazhan is an absolutely massive dungeon in both size and the number of bosses to kill. But unfortunately, its large size can wind up working against it, especially when the party just wiped to Maiden of Virtue because someone didn’t stand in Sacred Ground before Mass Repentance. Running back from a wipe can take an incredibly long time and often deter people from continuing. But we’re here to help with unlocking shortcuts that can make your return to the arcane tower far more bearable.

When you first enter the dungeon, you’ll notice that to your left is a locked door that says it requires some rusty keys. There are actually a few doors like this one across the map all blocking a shortcuts that lead across Karazhan. In order to unlock these doors you’ll have to defeat the tower’s steward, Moroes. After Moroes is dead, the doors will automatically unlock and allow you free access. Unfortunately, you’ll have to make your way past the Opera Event, and, if you don’t skip her, Maiden of Virtue, in order to challenge Moroes.

The first of these doors is the one to the left of the entrance under the spiral ramp and it will allow quick access to Attumen the Huntsmen (after descending a fair amount of stairs). The second is past the upward ramp and through a small hallway. This is the shortcut to fight Nightbane, but remember, you’ll have to do the speed run in order to summon Nightbane. The final door is less of a shortcut as it’s required to continue on with the dungeon. This is located at the top of the spiral ramp and it leads to The Curator.

The only other way to travel quickly around Karazhan is to use the portal in the menagerie that sends you back to the entrance of the dungeon (which is necessary for the speed run to summon Nightbane). After your party has defeated The Curator, every time someone respawns they will be placed in front of the next boss that is to be defeated, so no further shortcuts will be required. So go slay the steward and steal his keys. He won’t be needing them.

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