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Where to Get Soothe Bell in Pokemon Sun and What It Does


Where to Get Soothe Bell in Pokemon Sun and What It Does

Soothe Bell – Pokemon Sun

The Soothe Bell doesn’t offer any battle effectiveness in Pokemon Sun. Unlike other held items, it won’t heal your teammate, make it attack first, or strengthen any sort of moves. It is, however, vital to friendship. And who doesn’t love friendship.

“The comforting chime of this bell calms the holder, making it friendly.”

A Pokemon holding a Soothe Bell will receive boosted happiness gains. That means when you walk with it, level it up, or give it massages, berries and vitamins, the Pokemon’s happiness value will increase more than it would regularly. The happiness stat (sometimes called friendship or friendliness) doesn’t provide combat benefits like affection does, but can affect the strength of Return and Frustration. A high happiness value is also required for evolving certain Pokemon, like Munchlax or Eevee into Sylveon.

To get a Soothe Bell, head over to Route 3 on the first island. Past the first trial, there is a mountainous area filled with dive-bombing birds. Make it through there, pass the meadow, and you’ll come to the bridge. Just to the right of this bridge is a Pokemon breeder standing by a patch of tall grass. Talk to him, and he’ll give you a Soothe Bell on the spot.

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