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Watch Persona 5’s Super Unsettling Fusion Animation


Watch Persona 5’s Super Unsettling Fusion Animation

We’re starting to understand the M rating.

Alongside today’s news that Persona 5 is delayed to April came a livestream showcasing more English gameplay, including a look at how fusions go down in this new entry. Head to 1:42:00 in the video below to check it out for yourself. Warning: if you have an aversion to death, guillotines, or Persona executions, steer clear.

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Fusion begins by either choosing two Personas from the traditional selection screen, or by choosing a resulting Persona from a separate menu. You’ll get a preview of what you’re about to create, and depending on your level, there will be a number open ability slots that you can fill with your choice of parent skills. Once you confirm your fusion, the sacrificial Personas are then bagged and chained by the creepy Velvet Room twins, Caroline and Justine. Then you and Igor, who’s sporting a deeper voice this time around, watch as your Personas are beheaded, and their spirits fuse into a new friend.

If you haven’t gathered by now, Persona 5 is getting a little darker all around, even earning itself an ‘M’ rating from the ESRB. Throughout the livestream you’ll see bloodier and more violent scenes than in any of the series’ predecessors.

In other news, Persona 5’s Western release is getting free dual audio DLC, allowing players to listen to the Japanese voice acting along with English subtitles. A demo for the game will also be playable at the upcoming PlayStation Experience event, taking place Dec. 3-4.

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