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Persona 5 Will Have Free Japanese Voice Over DLC at Launch

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Persona 5 Will Have Free Japanese Voice Over DLC at Launch

Atlus heard the fans requests.

Over on their Twitch channel this morning, Atlus debuted the first English gameplay for Persona 5. They also had a couple announcements in store, one that will please fans and one not so much. First off the good, Persona 5 is getting full Japanese voice over DLC, something many fans have been asking for since the localization of the game was announced. Even better, the DLC will be completely free and available at the launch of the game.

Unfortunately, Persona 5 has also been delayed out of February to April 4, 2017. Atlus cited quality reasons as the purpose for the delay along with reexamining the English script, but did note that the game will be playable at the PlayStation Experience in December. The delay does push it out of an already busy few weeks of release with Gravity Rush 2, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Resident Evil 7, For Honor, and Horizon Zero Dawn all hitting within the span of a few weeks.

Persona 5 has been available in Japan as of September. You can take a look at the first English gameplay trailer released today, showing off the game’s everyday activities. Also catch up on the cast of Persona 5 with character trailer for the party members Ann, Ryuji, and Morgana. 

How do you feel about Persona 5’s delay? Are you excited to hear that Japanese voices will be an option in the game? Let us know what you think down in the comments below.


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