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Watch Dogs 2: How to Take Photos and Selfies


Watch Dogs 2: How to Take Photos and Selfies

Selfie time!

Watch Dogs 2 – Taking Photos

In Watch Dogs 2, your phone isn’t just used for hacking. You can use the device to do other regular things too, like taking photos around the city of San Francisco. To do this, simply hit the options button to bring up your phone, and click on the Camera app in the bottom left corner of the screen. This will bring up the phone camera, and allow Marcus to take a selfie.

If you press up on the d-pad, you can play around with some lighting effects, contrast, and even filters if you download them through the phone app. If you’re near a Scout eXpedition spot, you can also take a selfie with the point of interest indicated on the Scout app, and earn some extra followers that way.

To view your photos, hit the gallery button when you’re in the camera app, and this will allow you to take a look at all the photos you’ve taken so far. When you’re taking a photo, you can also hold the L1 button to angle the camera to get a better shot of your surroundings.

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