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Watch Dogs 2: How to Get a Lot of Money Fast


Watch Dogs 2: How to Get a Lot of Money Fast

Watch Dogs 2 is an open world game set in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area letting players explore San Francisco, Oakland, Silicon Valley, and more. Just like in the first game, there is a ton that players can do, and, thanks to the improved customization in the sequel, there’s a ton you can buy as well. Of course, things cost money, and being a broke dude that just joined a hacker gang, you don’t exactly have a lot of money to start with.

Items you can buy in the game range from $5 all the way to $150,000+, meaning if you want everything you’re going to have to amass a small fortune well into the millions of dollars. Thankfully, with you being a hacker and there being quite a few criminal endeavors underway in the city, you have several means of getting money. We’ve put together the best ways for you to earn some extra cash quickly so you can live like royalty while hacking the world.

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