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Watch Dogs 2: Everything You Can Hack


Watch Dogs 2: Everything You Can Hack

Hack everything!

Hacking has been improved for Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs sequel and, with that, the number of things you can hack has increased. The first game saw you hack people, devices, and traffic lights for the most part, but you are given much more freedom to cause havoc with your abilities in Watch Dogs 2. Here are all the things you can hack in Watch Dogs 2:

Cars – You can now move cars in one of four directions as a distraction or to take out enemies in their path.

Traffic Lights – Manipulating traffic lights can cause havoc during car chases but it can be amusing when simply exploring San Francisco.

CCTV Cameras – Cameras are important because they allow you to scout out what is ahead of you.

Mobile Phones – Everyone in the world has a mobile phone and each one can be hacked to make money, distract, or take people out.

Doors – Doors are a simple one but they are vital for progressing and evading enemies.

Electric Gates – Much like standard doors, electric gates allow you to explore further and escape.

Underground Pipes – Triggering water pipes is one the most spectacular hacks in Watch Dogs 2 and is very helpful in car chases.

Houses – Hacking houses allows you to see into a characters world and hack their personal belongings.

Laptops – Hacking laptops happens all the time and you often get vital information from them.

Servers – At the start of the game, Marcus hacks a server to erase him ctOS profile.

Bridges – Hacking bridges can make for a quick escape and can create some spectacular jumps.

Barriers – You can stop cars and open new areas by hacking barriers. You can also catapult things high in the air if you time a hack correctly.

Explosives – Grenades and other explosives can be hacked to kills enemies and clear an area.

Cranes – Hacking cranes allows you to explore new areas and climb higher.

Forklifts – Forklifts can be hacked to distract enemies and reach higher areas.

Climbaxes – Climbaxes are hilarious to ride around San Francisco but their main purpose it to reach higher areas and roof tops.

You will inevitably be able to hack all these things throughout your quest to take over San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2.

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