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Watch Dogs 2: All Gnome Locations


Watch Dogs 2: All Gnome Locations

There are ten hidden collectibles in Watch Dogs 2 that can earn you a pretty cool reward (if you like tacky things). The ten items are garden gnomes, but these aren’t like the ones you see all over San Francisco while out exploring. You’re looking for ten with green hats and they’re very well hidden.

You can go grab them in whatever you want after you’ve started the secret Gnome Quest. I’ll be sharing them in the order I found them, but feel free to tackle them however you like.

Gnome 1:

You’ll have to head around to the back of the buildings marked on the map. Make your way up the stairs and you’ll find some gnomes hanging out in a Jacuzzi. Grab the green one and get out of there.

WATCH_DOGS® 2_20161115140702

WATCH_DOGS® 2_20161115140707

Gnome 2

This one is well hidden, but we got lucky. Head to the point on the map and you’ll be able to climb a small building. Turn the corner and you’ll find this odd scene waiting for you.

WATCH_DOGS® 2_20161115140430

WATCH_DOGS® 2_20161115140439

Gnome 3

Head to spot on the map and enter find a place to sit down and call your jumper. The Gnome is in a small shed in a restricted area. Just drive right in and snatch it up, just be sure to beware of the dog lurking around.

WATCH_DOGS® 2_20161115121844
WATCH_DOGS® 2_20161115121831

Gnome 4

The gnome is in a garden behind the building marked on the map. Just take the stairs behind the building all the way up and you’ll find it congregating with some regular gnomes.

WATCH_DOGS® 2_20161115120911

WATCH_DOGS® 2_20161115121120

Gnome 5

The easiest one to find out of them all. Simply fast travel to the Pawn Shop I marked on the map for you and it’s sitting on a shelf to your right when you walk in.

WATCH_DOGS® 2_20161115122109

WATCH_DOGS® 2_20161115122114

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