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Ubisoft Chief Creative Serge Hascoet Doesn’t Want Linear Narratives


Ubisoft Chief Creative Serge Hascoet Doesn’t Want Linear Narratives

No more breaks

Ubisoft Chief Creative Office Serge Hascoet has said that he wants to move away from linear narratives in storytelling.

In an interview with Le Monde, by way of Game Informer, Hascoet voiced a desire to do away with cut scenes altogether:

“When there are cutscenes in a game, it bothers me, because it removes my ability for expression, During these scenes, I’m not doing what I want to do, which is evolve in this world. I don’t want us to write one story, I want there to be tens of thousands of stories, that each character has one, and I can speak to them if I want to know that story.”

It’s interesting that such a desire would come from within a studio that threads a narrative needle through most of its open-world games, especially when games like Far Cry and has given us iconic characters like Vaas and Pagan Min. What’s more is that Hascoet expressed the desire for a more holistic approach:

“If I have a game set in San Francisco (like Watch Dogs 2), I’d want even my mom to be able to have fun, drive a boat, helicopter, car… There has to be interesting people to meet, too, and that they come across well. Also, the player has to be able to enjoy themselves. We want to give them many methods: private detective, assassin, hacker, hunter… You can try out these professions along with their problems, and to become more powerful.”

In our review of the recent Watch Dogs 2, one of the points of praise was the game’s excellent narrative draw pulling us away from its open-world.

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