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Persona 5 Gets Two More English Trailers for Makoto and Yusuke

Persona 5, Makoto

Persona 5 Gets Two More English Trailers for Makoto and Yusuke

The English dub is coming along nicely.

The Persona 5 delay hurts, but Atlus is attempting to quell the heartbreaking pain by offering up two more English trailers. This time round, we’re introduced to two party members: Makoto and Yusuke. You can check out both trailers down below.

Yusuke is a painter, and he’s voiced by Matt Mercer. He wears a fox mask when he’s in Phantom Thief mode, and he looks like the more stoic one of the group. Makoto is voiced by Cherami Leigh, and she rides a bike into battle – not unlike a certain other very badass female in the Persona series. Both voice actors are doing a great job of portraying their characters, and it looks like the English dub for the game is coming along very nicely. For those who’d rather have the Japanese voices, however, those will be available as a free DLC download when the game launches next year.

Persona 5 is set to be released for the PS4 and PS3 on April 4. It was previously slated for a February 14 release, but it looks like Atlus wants us to make other plans for Valentine’s Day. Sigh.

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