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Rocket League Will Receive Steam Workshop Support in December


Rocket League Will Receive Steam Workshop Support in December

Adding user-created arenas

Developer Psyonix has released a news post which reveals Rocket League to be getting Steam Workshop support this December. This is exciting news for PC fans of Rocket League, as it will enable them to create their own custom levels, which can be imported by other players on PC, Mac, and Steam OS platforms.

There are already user-created levels, and there is a subreddit dedicated to sharing these, but with Steam Workshop support the experience will be better implemented, and a lot more easy to ease and share.

In the ‘coming soon’ section of the Rocket League community hub players will be able to subscribe to new arenas and play other user-created levels pretty easily by accessing the ‘extras’ menu whilst in-game. In the mean time, you can take a look at some of the examples that will be on offer like the Dribbling Challenge and the Obstacle Course to get a feel for the new content that you’ll be able to play around with in December.

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