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Roblox: How to Get the Nerf Cape


Roblox: How to Get the Nerf Cape

Nerf Cape – Roblox

The Nerf Cape in Roblox is a coveted item that can make your character look pretty darn cool. Unfortunately, it was actually quite difficult to get a hold of, and if you haven’t already gotten it, I’m afraid to say that you’ve missed your chance.

The Nerf Cape was actually an item that could only be gotten during this year’s Roblox Hallow’s Eve event. It was the reward for working out the second clue.

Full moon’s got you on a prowl tonight? You’ll need to think like a werewolf and catch enough hiders in a single round!”

The clue was simply referring to the Blox Hunt game mode, which is essentially a hide and seek game mode. All you had to do to get the Nerf Cape was simply find two hiders in one round. To do this in Blox Hunt, all you need to do is look for objects that are moving around you and then click on them to make them disappear.

It doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to get the Nerf Cape any other way apart from this, for now. However, if this changes, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know.

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