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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Find Vulpix


Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Find Vulpix

The icy fox.

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Catching Alolan Vulpix

Vulpix is a version exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Sun, so if you want this neat-looking little Ice-type fox, you’ll get it more easily by playing this version of the game. Vulpix can only be found fairly late in the game, when you finally reach the third island. Simply progress through the story naturally until you reach Tapu Village. In this area, wandering around any grass patch will give you a chance of encountering it. Do note that the encounter rate for Alolan Vulpix is a little low, however, so it might take you a bit of time.

Once you find Vulpix, you can either use a Quick Ball to try to nab it quickly, or wear it down a little before throwing regular Poke Balls. The Vulpix in this area are usually found at level 21, going up to the mid-twenties, so be sure to bring appropriately leveled Pokemon for the job.

To evolve Vulpix, you will need an Ice Stone for that. Once your Vulpix has learned all the moves it can, use an Ice Stone to evolve it into Alolan Ninetails, which is an Ice and Fairy-type.

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