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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Find Pyukumuku


Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Find Pyukumuku

Some people like to search for the strongest Pokemon, and some like to catch them all no matter how useless it is. If you’re part of the latter and playing Sun and Moon, then you might be looking for Pyukumuku, a Pokemon that will chill on land, even if it kills them.

There are two areas (Route 7 and Hano Beach) where you can find this little sea cucumber. Thankfully, you can go any time of the day in order to find it, but you might want to bring some extra Poke Balls since the capture rate is at 60%. While this means a better chance of capturing it, it could also cause some trouble if it doesn’t get caught quickly and decides to call for help. You should also be careful if Pyukumuku faints in battle, since one of its abilities will damage the attacker by the same amount of HP as the finishing hit was.

You will need the ability to Surf if you want to find it, but once you reach these two areas, you should be close to having it or have it already in Sun and Moon. Also make sure to prepare your Pokemon for getting poisoned in the future, since the same waters will have Tentacool, which is likely to appear more by 10%.

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