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Planet Coaster: How to Set Up Priority Pass Queue


Planet Coaster: How to Set Up Priority Pass Queue

Planet Coaster seeks to mimic real life theme park experiences. As such, it even has Priority Passes which will allow your guests to skip the lines… for a price. This is by far the most confusing aspect of Planet Coaster, so let’s break down the steps to setting up the priority passes.

  1. Information Kiosk is needed first. You need to make sure that you are able to build these shops, so if you don’t have them yet, research the facility shops until you do. This is how your guests will get a Priority Pass.
  2. Set up your ride as you would. Go ahead now and just set up the ride with its entrance path and exit path.
  3. Place your Priority Pass entrance close to the beginning of your entrance path. Make sure there’s room for the road that will inevitably connect to it in step 5.
  4. Place your Priority Pass exit close to the end of your entrance path. As in, close to the ride itself. Again, make sure to leave room for the road that will inevitably connect to it in the next step.
  5. Connect the PP entrance to the PP exit with a road. This is likely where it got confusing for you, but yes, this is what you had to do all along. Simply connect the two spots and boom. Your guests will enter the entrance path, cut through the PP entrance, exit through the PP exit, and essentially cut all the other plebeians in line.

That’s it! Get ready to rake in the money, and keep your guests happy by not making them wait in those long queues.

For more help with Planet Coaster, be sure to check back with Twinfinite for guides and tips!

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