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Football Manager 2017: How to Get More Money


Football Manager 2017: How to Get More Money

Save every penny.

Get More Money – Football Manager 2017

Just as in the real footballing world, money is vital to creating a trophy-winning squad and maintaining a secure club in Football Manager. Many of the ways of making money may be obvious but they’re still important to acknowledge.

Keep your club’s finances in mind whenever you make a decision. For example, when looking for transfers, it’s worth considering whether they have the potential to be sold on at a profit, or whether their ability matches their price. If you can get good value from the free agents or transfer listed players then you may make a good profit. Also, if you can prompt a player into putting in a transfer request then you may be able to persuade their club to sell for less than their value.

If you are starting at a club in the lower leagues then you don’t need to worry too much about your finances, especially if you are confident of moving up the leagues quickly. The financial rewards in the better leagues are much better and you will gain more from being promoted quickly than you will from saving every penny you can.

If you have the initial funds, invest in your youth structure. For a minimal investment, you may uncover some gems that have a huge sell-on value. Promoting good young players will allow you to save transfer funds and pay lower wages without losing the quality of your squad.

When you are selling players, take advantage of the clauses and sell-on fees. When you are moving on young players that aren’t having an impact on your team be sure to include a significant sell-on percentage. The young player may become world-class and suddenly be worth a lot of money. Therefore, if the new club decides to sell the player on, you will get a decent amount of money.

Finally, be stingy when negotiating contracts in Football Manager. Never offer players more than they will accept. Offer them a lesser team role because that could lead to them accepting lower wages. Also, offer long contracts because it’ll save you money in the future because you won’t have to offer higher wages to renew every few years.

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