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Final Fantasy XV: Where to Find All Red Frogs


Final Fantasy XV: Where to Find All Red Frogs

Red Frog Locations – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV’s world is teeming with different quests and side quests for you to do on your adventure with Noctis and Co. One of these that you’ll likely stumble upon is the Professor’s Protege quest, which tasks you with finding five red frogs for a Sania. If you’re wanting to find out how to start this quest, you’ll need to make your way to the Coernix Station outpost in Alstor. Once you’ve got the quest from Sania, you’ll need to head down to the Alstor Slough lake just South from your location.

Here’s where things get interesting, these red frogs can be particularly tricky to find. However, if you listen out while you’re exploring the marked area on your map, you should occasionally hear them croaking away. If you begin to hear croaking, slowly start searching the area a little more thoroughly and you should eventually find them. If you’re still missing a one or two, we’ve listed all of the locations down below for you.

Red Frog #1: You should find one of the frogs right on top of the exclamation mark on your mini-map perched on the rock here. Look out for its red coloring against the gray and green of the rock and listen out for the croaking to ensure you’re in the right place.

Red Frog #2: From the first one, head straight toward the large tower in the distance towards the lake. You should eventually come to a rock you’ll have to jump onto. Right in between the two rocky outcrops, you should find this one waiting to be caught.

Red Frog #3: From the second frog, follow the outskirts of the rock on your left all the way around to the other side. The third frog should be sitting on the side of the rocks here.

Red Frog #4: Return back to the exclamation point marker where you found the first frog. This time, head left and you should see a bunch of trees directly ahead of you with a rock next to them. The fourth frog is just on the other side of these trees on the ground. It can be difficult to find, as it may be covered by the grass.

Red Frog #5: For the final frog, head straight between the rock and tree by the fourth frog and follow the bank of the water around. You should quickly see some trees near to the edge of the water and the bank jut in a little. The final frog should be in the water here.

Once you’ve grabbed all of the red frogs, return to Sania to get your reward of 3,000 XP and a Star Pendant.

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