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Final Fantasy XV: What Oracle Ascension Coins Are For


Final Fantasy XV: What Oracle Ascension Coins Are For

Oracle Ascension Coins – Final Fantasy XV

While playing through Final Fantasy XV you will stumble across quite a few Oracle Ascension Coins. These are limited edition coins that were issued to “commemorate Lunafreya’s ascension as the Oracle.” As you pick them up, they fall under the Key Items tab in your inventory, which is normally where quest items go, making them a confusing collection. It turns out that they actually have a use, you just have to make your way to Altissia to find it.

Alitissia is the city of water that closely resembles a hyper-stylized Venice. Noctis and his friends will find themselves here as they endeavor to acquire the aid of “The Six,” powerful god-like beings known as Astrals who serve as Final Fantasy XV’s summons. The city is very maze-like in its layout, with tons of staircases and different gondola paths ferrying you through the city. You’ll want to head to the cafe located at the spot pictured below:

final fantasy xv, Oracle Ascension Coins

Here you’ll find Alessio, a coin collector who is willing to trade you some items in exchange for your Oracle Ascension Coins. Here’s what he has to offer:

  • Megaelixir (1 Coin) – Restores maximum HP and MP for the entire party.
  • Fire Crest (4 Coins) – Significantly reduces fire damage.
  • Ice Crest (4 Coins) – Significantly reduces ice damage.
  • Lightning Crest (4 Coins) – Significantly reduces lightning damage.
  • Dark Crest (8 Coins) – Significantly reduces darkness damage.
  • Mighty Guard (20 Coins) – Significantly reduces fire, ice, lightning, and darkness damage to the wearer.
  • Stone Wall (30 Coins) – Significantly reduces fire, ice, and ballistic damage to the wearer.
  • Ribbon (40 Coins) – Protects wearer from almost all status ailments.

These items, especially the Stone Wall and Ribbon, are very useful as they can make some of the most difficult fights in the game much more manageable, so definitely seek out Alessio once you have a nice supply of Oracle Ascension Coins.

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